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„The best way to teach your kids about taxes is by eating 30% of their ice cream“

– Bill Murray

Corporate and Business Tax Law

The taxation of companies and entrepreneurs depends substantially on the legal form chosen. We have been advising companies on corporate and business tax law for more than 18 years, especially trade tax, corporation tax and sales tax. Apart from the declaration activity, this also covers the structuring of the company, support in providing tax documentation where required, support in the case of company audits and consultancy to achieve optimized tax structures. And you are assured from a single source that your tax objectives are legally secured and commercially checked.

Private Taxes

We advise you both pre-emptively and when your private income tax declaration is due and provide support in the case of external audits. If assets are to be transferred during your lifetime or because of death, we make evaluations according to current tax valuation methods, calculate the tax burden and draft the necessary contractual papers and declarations.

International Tax Law

Nearly every family or company has cross-border connections, whether it is real estate abroad, a child studying in another country, or a partner with a passport issued by another country. Internationally, both the legal and taxation characteristics of the respective other country have to be taken into account. Which law is applicable and which takes precedence? Double taxation agreements, taxation of international transactions and E.U. legal regulations are just a few examples. If you have not been advised here, you risk double taxation or the unplanned disclosure of hidden reserves. Our long experience providing consulting services in international matters and our international cooperation network will guide you reliably through the labyrinth of international tax law.

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