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International Affairs

„In international relations, you don’t base your work on hope“

– Federica Mogherini

Expansion abroad, esp. Expansion of companies to Germany

The lawyers at GRIP LEGAL have comprehensive experience with the legal systems of other countries, e.g. because of time spent abroad, activities for international law firms, admission as attorney-at-law in the U.S. federal state of New York and advising on international transactions and arbitration proceedings. On the basis of this collective experience and outstanding connections at reliable, high-class law firms abroad we support clients in their international expansion plans. We consult with them in particular on the choice of a suitable distribution and corporate structure, as well as on labor law stipulations and compliance. For companies abroad we are the partner to support their expansion plans to Germany. With our expertise in particular, we can make different legal principles more understandable to companies from common law countries and facilitate market access with no legal and taxation questions left unaddressed. For this reason, the lawyers of GRIP LEGAL are also listed as contacts to advise on market access in Germany for countries from abroad.

Liability cases in the U.S.A.

The risk of liability cases cannot be totally excluded for companies active on the U.S. American market, but with the help of pre-emptive measures and the right reaction in the case of claims, it can be limited to a great extent. We offer consulting services to draft contracts with U.S. American partners, especially regarding warranty limitation, liability limitation and product liability in order to reduce risk at a very early stage. In the case of liability we help find the right local advisers and coordinate an individual action strategy with clients. In particular, this includes the preparation of available evidence taking U.S. American procedural rules into account, providing support within the framework of the pre-trial-discovery and choosing suitable expert witnesses. We also explain the successive steps of proceedings, put a PR strategy in place, provide support in settlement negotiations and “coach” the right demeanor in a jury trial.

Representation of companies in pre-trial discovery proceedings

In pre-trial discovery proceedings a litigant can call for the other party to disclose documents and also ask to interview witnesses before the actual hearing. This right is unknown in German procedural law. So there is often uncertainty on the part of a German company involved in U.S. American proceedings, whether and to what extent it should provide documents and witnesses up front. We advise companies affected in every phase of pre-trial discovery proceedings. In this situation we make sure that the company’s business secrets are protected within the framework of the relevant procedural rules. We also make sure, in coordination with the attorneys in charge, that court orders are adhered to, with a view to avoiding penalties for contempt of court.

Legal and taxation questions regarding Anglo-Saxon trusts

Anglo-Saxon trusts are a common instrument in the U.S.A. and in other Anglo-Saxon countries to preserve assets within the family, to simplify the administration of the estates and to plan the succession. As the trust is an unknown entity in German law, legal and taxation challenges ensue as soon as individuals resident in Germany are named as beneficiaries or when German assets are to be transferred. Unregulated, this can lead to a tax burden of more than 90 percent. We support you with our long experience of obligations relating to tax registration and declaration. We are the interface between trustee and beneficiary and together we create solutions for the future. Here we have been working successfully for many years with our reliable, long-term partners in the U.S.A., England and Australia.

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