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„You have to understand your own personal DNA. Don’t do things because I do them or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal brand and stay true to it.“

– Gary Vaynerchuk

Our identity

We have been advising companies, entrepreneurs and wealthy private individuals for more than 15 years. Apart from the outstanding legal services our sophisticated clientele expects anyway, clients appreciate our ability to develop strategies jointly with them to achieve as closely as possible their consulting objective in terms of legal and tax considerations. We pursue the objectives of our clients indefatigably using state-of-the-art communication and research instruments. We take our job personally: every client has a specific contact person at GRIP LEGAL to take care of his affairs. We are authentic, tell it the way it is and do not hide behind clichés or “legalese”. We at GRIP LEGAL are entrepreneurs ourselves and have understood that the efficiency of legal and tax consultancy now plays an increasingly decisive role for companies. For this reason, we have developed the GRIP LEGAL INTERFACE SOLUTION. This enables GRIP LEGAL to offer clients a solution for every legal and taxation issue where quality and efficiency of the consulting service are in harmony. We complement the GRIP LEGAL INTERFACE SOLUTION with the offer of innovative legal fee models which meet the requirements of clients in today’s modern market for legal and tax consultancy. GRIP LEGAL is very well connected, both nationally and internationally, so we can offer our clients a much greater range of modular legal and tax consultancy services than the size of GRIP LEGAL would suggest. This modular approach enables us to close the gap between highly qualified specialized consulting and quality-oriented standard consulting.

Our logo and our claim

The wolf is synonymous with qualities we integrate as lawyers and use to achieve success for you. The wolf has great stamina and does not flag even under the most extreme conditions until he has reached his objective. He hunts in a pack and has a well-developed strategic sense. At the same time, he exhibits strong social behavior acting responsibly within the group.

We take on responsibility for our clients. We embrace risks alongside them, and we both participate in success. Innovative fee models show that we work together with our clients to achieve a positive result. We are never satisfied with partial success but persevere with our cases until we have exhausted all possibilities to achieve the best possible result for our client.

Our approach to advice

Apart from general legal consulting for SMEs, big companies and wealthy private individuals, GRIP LEGAL also offers special consulting in the areas of M&A, succession planning, IT law and dispute resolutions. Sometimes it is necessary to take innovative and unusual routes to achieve success. GRIP Legal has the know how to guide its clients effectively down these routes. Our “one source” approach allows us to offer a wide range of legal services in order to cover all our clients’ requirements and which also makes us one of the first law firms in the region to offer a modular approach to legal consulting.

  • Do you need specialists for complex legal issues and generalists for the “daily business”?
  • Do you want one contact person who knows your company and your needs?
  • Do you want a competent evaluation of your legal needs along with maximum cost transparency?

With the GRIP LEGAL INTERFACE SOLUTION and our innovative fee models, you are guaranteed all-round service on all legal issues at a fair price. If necessary, we don’t just provide external advisers, we select them according to what is required, negotiate costs, supervise the process with regard to timing and quality and are always available as your central contact partners.

Our social involvement

We have a voluntary commitment to the foundation “It’s for Kids”. Children are our future. They don’t just need love and security, they also need protection. As a charity organization for children “It’s for Kids” provides creative, active and financial donations for mistreated, abused, neglected or otherwise underprivileged children (its-for-kids.de).

We are also actively involved with the “Düsseldorfer Jonges” (duesseldorferjonges.de), a charitable organization devoted to its “hometown” and public welfare there. Its objectives are to preserve Düsseldorf’s traditions, its history and dialect as well as to protect and shape the city landscape.

Our awards

The U.S. publisher of “Best-Lawyers” conducted investigations in Germany exclusively for Handelsblatt, Germany’s national business daily, to find the most reputable legal advisers in a comprehensive peer-to-peer process. Only lawyers were interviewed and asked about the reputation of their competitors. The idea was to determine which colleague outside their own law firm was seen as someone they would recommend in cases they have to decline for lack of time or because of a conflict of interests. The result is a comprehensive overview of the most reputable lawyers and law firms. Our partner Dr. Denis Gebhardt has been ranked among “Germany’s Best Lawyers” in the fields of “International Arbitration” and “Banking and Finance Law” for over ten years and in 2013 was named Lawyer of the Year for the Duesseldorf region in the field of “Banking and Finance Law”.

Our publications

Distribution law, international contract law, product liability law and taxation law are our world. We give our views on current important legal issues in these areas via a regular series of seminars and other publications. These give entrepreneurs valuable information and views on new developments and changes. You will find a list of our publications here.

Our contact