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IT / Data Protection

„The computer was born to solve problems which did not exist before“

– Bill Gates

IT- Contract Law

Drafting IT contracts requires in-depth knowledge to regulate the risks involved in the interests of the entrepreneur. At GRIP LEGAL we can draw on many years of practical experience in this area enabling us to draw up customized contracts for you and conduct negotiations with your contractual partner. We provide support with complex IT projects, drafting contracts for software creation and software licensing, and contracts for hardware or pure IT services.

IT- Disputes

GRIP LEGAL is also your partner in the case of disputes over IT issues. Disputes in this area in particular can threaten the existence of a company, because often its ability to function operationally depends on the software or hardware in question being in place and functioning. Non-availability of these components and unsettled licensing issues can quickly lead to the demise of a company. GRIP LEGAL has the know-how to understand and analyze technical fine points and the experience to explain and demonstrate these in a concise and understandable form. We also look at every possibility of settling a dispute out of court, without selling short the interests of the client. If litigation cannot be avoided, we conduct the lawsuit or arbitration proceedings for our clients with our usual vigorous and thorough approach equipped with the technical expertise to deal with the IT background. We have particular experience in negotiating ERP contracts and enforcing claims resulting from them.

Data Protection Law

Even if the daily focus of most companies on data protection law is only a recent development due to the introduction of basic data protection regulations, this area of law has long been of particular importance. Financial penalties imposed by regulatory authorities and liability claims based on infringements of data protection are no longer a rarity. Compliance with data protection law now has to be an integral part of all entrepreneurial activities. We advise and represent you comprehensively in all matters pertaining to data protection law and bring your company up to speed for the future.


An entrepreneur should pay great attention to compliance with legal requirements in the area of e-commerce, because here in particular infringements tend to be public and therefore easily recognized by competitors and regulatory authorities alike. This quickly leads to warning letters – often produced by automated search engines. Particularly in the start-up phase many entrepreneurs are simply not aware of the pitfalls addressed by warning letters. We will advise and represent you comprehensively in the case of a warning letter and, of course, pre-emptively. We defend you against unjustified claims, highlight your legal position in the case of justified warnings and help you to recognize pitfalls in advance and avoid legal infringements. Legal provisions are particularly subject to quick changes in the area of e-commerce, and this makes it necessary to review e-commerce concepts at regular intervals and bring them up-to-date from a legal point of view. GRIP LEGAL can advise you comprehensively and also draft general conditions of business and conditions of use and a data protection declaration is adapted to your company’s requirements.

Domain Law

Hardly any business activity can get by without using its own domain, whether to present itself on a website as a company, or to use the domain in the context of corporate identity as a uniform address for email traffic. Nowadays, substantial success in creating awareness of a company and its commercial success can be attributed to its domain. However, when choosing a name, it is important to check that the domain chosen doesn’t infringe on the rights of third parties; the domain holder on the other hand, has to check that newly registered domains do not infringe on his own rights. We give you advice on domain purchasing contracts, domain allocation and securing your domain in terms of name and trademark.

IT- Law for Employers

The importance of IT law for employers should not be underestimated, especially in the context of employment contracts. It begins with compliance with data protection law requirements in the company which, if not observed properly, can lead to penalties from regulatory authorities, but also provides staff members wanting to leave with arguments against the employer. If an employee with operational IT knowledge goes to work for a competitor – and this happens quite often – he or she is perhaps doing so because the competitor wants to learn operational and business secrets about the former employer. To protect the entrepreneur in this respect, the company should be legally watertight, and contractual protection has to be put in place against such risks. GRIP LEGAL gives your company the “once over”, advises you about the observance of data privacy in company processes and formulates your respective contractual agreements.

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